Fastener Consulting

With over 20 years of engineering experience our consultants work to understand your needs.

Have a Spec Sheet, Drawing or a List of Fasteners Needed?

Just email us the information or call  and we’ll get started. Our fastener specialists will guide you through the process of choising the correct part at a very competitive price.

Fastener Consultants

Our experienced Parts Specialists will analyze the fasteners needed for your production parts and will recommend the best low cost solution. They will also track the shipment to ensure you receive them in a timely manner. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to minimize production interuptions and help you maintain inventory. We annalyze your needs on a weekly/monthly basis and stock our own inventory to cover you for up to six months. This helps you when there are supply chain interuptions that may occur. 

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in servicing our customers. Our trucks are ready to keep your inventory levels up. From Michigan to Texas, our drivers make weekly and bi-weekly bin stocking trips to ensure your production is running smoothly.

Production Line Kits & Carts


Call: (704) 660-9790


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