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AmeriFast Supply Inc. is an established woman owned and controlled distributor with an extensive databank of suppliers.  We partner with the most respected wholesale suppliers in order to get you the best quality for the best price.  Whether it is for fasteners, cutting tools, or fittings for the manufacturing, aerospace, automotive or trucking industries; AmeriFast can assist your team to cut product cost and production down time.

The little things do matter:

  • In the Manufacturing industry, fasteners accounts for about 80% of productions inventory. This can convert to almost 50% of a supply chain manager’s time in researching, pricing and ordering parts.
  • Finding the parts you need when you need them is a challenge that can sometime contribute to production downtime as high as 80%, impacting your deliverables and bottom line.
  • Partnering with AmeriFast will help your Supply Chain and Purchasing Managers reduce times spent on RFQ’s while dropping your production down time by as much as 40-60%.